Friday, February 24, 2006

The New Bloglist Is In! I'm Somebody Now!

PM Bryant at B and B is linking to Northstate Science! Thank you!

And take a good look at B and B when you get a chance. He has linked some good information on the efforts to kill Bush's public land sell-off. Fortunately, the response to the sell-off has been negative around northeastern California as well, which is somewhat surprising, given the usual anti-government sentiment of the rural caste. On the other hand, the "payment to states" program (which Bush wants to fund with the sale of public land) is very popular here (and very successful) and even the rural Republicans aren't sufficiently stupid to overlook the fact that a public land sale won't fund the program. (Well, I haven't seen Doolittle's or Herger's responses yet - they actually MIGHT be that stupid). I think there's another current running here: the Plumas and Lassen seem to have been tapped for the lion's share of land sales in California and there's more than a little resentment there...doesn't anyone want anything in San Bernardino???

Thanks again B and B!!!

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