Sunday, March 19, 2006

Evening Grosbeaks Are Back

I'm not nearly the birder that B and B and some others are, but I've certainly come to enjoy watching the local avifauna. I have my copy of Sibley's (plus a few others) next to the binoculars near the patio door and try to keep the bird feeders clean and well stocked with an assortment of seed. During the summer, if I sit quietly on the deck next to the thistle seed bag, the goldfinches will come in and seem not to notice me. Even though I still have trouble with some identifications, I find it quite relaxing.

This morning some of my favorite birds, Evening Grosbeaks, came back in abundance (the photo doesn't show the other eight at the neighboring tree and feeder!). I consider this a sign of spring in our area as I don't see them in the winter, although the Sibley's map suggests they're probably here all year. It's good to see them again - they're like old friends.

The Oregon Juncos are still here, however; and that means we might still have some winter to go through...

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