Saturday, April 08, 2006

When Scripture Means What It Says

Just caught this item posted by Nick Matzke at Panda's Thumb. Apparently, Hovind's Dinosaur Adventure Land is in trouble because they never got a building permit. Hovind and the other creationists insist that complying with the law "...violates their "deeply held" religious beliefs, and that the church-run facility does not have to obtain permits". But I love the response by one of the Escambia county commissioners:

"Scripture also says 'Render unto Caesar what Caesar demands.' And right now, Caesar demands a building permit," County Commission Chairman Mike Whitehead said.

Of course, Hovind will counter with some other scriptural rabbit pulled out of the hat suggesting county misinterpreted the Bible. Apparently, Scripture doesn't mean what we think it means unless we think it means what they say it means (but only when it's convenient to mean it in that particular way...or when the moon is full on Tuesdays, in which all meanings are relative). Do we all get it?

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