Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sorry For The Long Absence

My apologies for the long absence. I ended up taking another detail as District Ranger and have just returned full time to my normal duties in the office. While the detail work is a great experience, it is clear that to do it full time would mean giving up a lot of the extra-office work in the community, with schools, etc. that I really enjoy. Not to mention there's absolutely no time to conduct any kind of research. I'm just not ready to give that up and head out on another career path at this point.

However, I can't blame my absence on the detail alone. I was also trying to teach class, finish and submit an NSF grant, complete two presentations and travel a bit. All of which I'll blog about in the next couple of days.


cali said...

Gee, my excuses for neglecting my blog seem so...inconsequential compared with what you've listed. Hope you get a break over the holidays.

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