Monday, April 24, 2006

Eagle Lake Zooarchaeology Conference

Well, I won’t make it to the SAA (Society for American Archaeology) meetings in San Juan, Puerto Rico this year (damn!). However, locally the 3rd Annual Stanley J. Olsen Eagle Lake Zooarchaeology Conference will be held again at the CSU Chico Field Station on the shores of lovely Eagle Lake in northeastern California. For more information, please see the conference website. I would encourage any student zooarchaeologists out there to come out and present papers or posters.

Of course, zooarchaeological research and presentations are the main focus, but a cadre of us spends the wee hours of each morning fishing for the mighty Eagle Lake trout. Below you see a stringer, not of Eagle Lake trout, but Tui chub – not good eating, but all are now comparative collections at various institutions in California and Utah (for those of you unfamiliar with zooarchaeology culture, we have this eccentric habit of throwing any dead thing into a bucket to get the bones). Left to right: myself, Jay Bogiatto (CSU Chico Biology Department and Field Station Director), and Frank Bayham (Faculty, CSU Chico Anthropology Department).


pughd said...

Thanks for the update and info.

I'm not a zooarch person myself, but I married one. In fact we fell in love over the boiling carcass of a Jackrabbit killed by a ranch dog on a site where we were working near Roswell.

Three years later we picked up the skeleton of a wild Turkey near Taos and stuffed it in a giant pretzel jar, then put it in the back of our car for safe transport back to Michigan.

Of course we were getting married as soon as we got to Michigan so we kind of forgot about the Turkey. That fall when we were finally settling into our new place in St Louis we found a mysterious jar in the trunk of the car.

It seems like there's an apt analogy for marriage in there somewhere.

Anyway, cast a line for me at Eagle Lake and I'll drink a mojito for you in San Juan.

Christopher O'Brien said...

Great story! Will do...I both cast a line and drink a beer in your honor...are you giving a paper?

pughd said...

Yep, I'll be summing up my dissertation in 15 minutes and 20 powerpoint slides. Should be fun. On the plus side, my session is Thursday morning, leaving the rest of the weekend stress-free.

afarensis said...

Since pughd left an interesting zooarchaeology related story I thought I would do one too. You can find it here