Friday, September 22, 2006

National Museum of Kenya

In addition to previously commenting on the rediculousness of Bishop Adoyo and his insistence that human fossils be hidden from public view at the National Museum of Kenya, I had wanted to post some photos but had been having problems with getting them on the blog. I seem to have fixed that, so here we go....

I had the good fortune to conduct research in Kenya during the late 1980s and early 1990s on a game ranch just outside of Nairobi (near the town of Machakos). It was a wonderful experience, and of course I was able to spend some time at the National Museum (I even received fossil samples (non-human) from the museum for analysis in my dissertation). I always enjoyed the museum, particularly the outdoor "snake park" exhibits. Here are two of my favorites:

This guy was always fairly active for your typical crocodile...but what I really got a kick out of were the signs posted all along the fences:

I also loved the signs in the middle of the open area housing venomous snakes:

I really hope the museum rejects the insane opinion of a superstitious, mideaeval-thinking bishop who seems to be more comfortable with mythology than reason.

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