Friday, July 06, 2007

Off Again to Eagle Lake - More Blogging To Come

No, I haven't gone away, just got extremely busy between field trips. As I noted earlier, I recently returned from the Eagle Lake Field Station after helping to teach a course on zooarchaeology (and kissing frog paunches!) and am on my way back up there - this time with some local Girl Scouts who have, quite frankly, outgrown the Camporee tradition and need something a little more intellectually stimulating. So I and their leaders will expose them to some Eagle Lake natural history (bat caves, night drives, skeletons, animal and plant identification, etc.). I've worked with Girl and Boy Scouts for a number of years now and enjoy exposing them to opportunities they might not otherwise get in this culturally myopic corner of California. I've also been talking to my colleagues and select townsfolk about getting a "science" camp started up at the field station. Again, the purpose being to expose local teenagers to science actually taught by scientists for a change. So my bags are packed (as is the fishing pole!) and blogging will be intermittent for a couple of days.

Certainly there is lots to blog about. I missed out contributing to the lates Blog Against Theocracy, so I owe Blue Gal a post, even one in retrospect...Mark contributed a comment on my AP Biology post that deserves further comment and exposure; there are some further efforts being made on behalf of the Hadzabe, and I've been in touch with several organizations in Europe who are moving forward on aid to them; Abnormal Interests and Claude Mariotinni have been engaged in a very interesting discussion on who can fully interpret the Bible that I naturally have some thoughts on...Jim West has also engaged on this matter. And speaking of Jim, I finally joined his Biblical Studies group and have been following along on some of the discussion (although I haven't posted yet, because, yes I am a group discussion novice and am not sure my Yahoo settings are set correctly...) - I was particularly intrigued with the discussion on political archaeology and ethnicity; I am currently helping the local Native American tribe out with some NAGPRA issues (Native American Grave Repatriation and Protection Act) that bears directly on the subject of determining ethnicity in the archaeological record and its political implications (but I have to finish the final report first!!).

So, I'm actually pulling some things together...back shortly with more animal encounters at Eagle Lake...

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