Saturday, October 14, 2006

Doolittle Believes Iraq War is Biblically Based

This is precisely why I am beginning to side with Dawkins on the idea that faith may not only be unreasoned, but possibly evil. Our congressman John Doolittle, who never saw a fundamentalist idea he didn't like, apparently has no qualms with linking his own personal faith with sending our men and women into harm's way:

Doolittle rolled religious beliefs into Iraq, noting that the Bible tells him Armageddon will take place the Middle East.

So John Doolittle feels sacrificing young lives is OK because in his view, it's predicted in the Bible. And how would this chickenhawk feel if HE were on the front lines? This is where faith becomes evil and justifies ANYTHING.


CD said...

Doolittle is a bully.

Have you seen the video of him debating Brown?

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