Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Intelligent Design Six-Step Method for Providing Equal Weight in Classroom Presentations

In reading Tara Smith's post on the Iowa Repbulican Party platform regarding science education, it is not surprising that they call for equal time teaching "alternative" theories to evolution:

3.4 We support the teaching of alternative theories on the origins of life including Darwinian Evolution, Creation Science or Intelligent Design, and that each should be given equal weight in presentation.

What amuses me is the "given equal weight in presentation" part. How can anyone possibly provide "equal weight" to presentations on ID (which has no data) and evolution (for which data are too numerous to fathom)? There is only one way that equal weight can be given to ID: you need to use the ID Six-Step Method of Instruction:

1) don't even discuss the data that supports evolution;
2) falsify the data that supports evolution to make it look like there are problems with evolutionary theory;
2) take evolutionary data out of context to make it look like there are problems with evolutionary theory;
3) make the claim that many scientists (you know, mathematicians, physicists, lawyers, people from the 16th century...) have questions about the validity of evolutionary theory;
4) falsify the data to make it appear to support Intelligent Design;
5) claim that Intelligent Design has lots of independently verified data to support it (but don't discuss the data, just claim it needs to be kept secret because the Darwinists control the government and will jail all who disagree);
6) claim that since you have just demonstrated No's 1-5, the only logical conclusion left is that the world was intelligently designed!

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