Monday, February 12, 2007

Additional Thoughts on Syro-Palestinian Archaeology

For someone who was too tired from carting books back and forth from the garage all day, Duane can really string a bunch of sentences together in the most insightful way. He hit the ball out of the park with this it...he captures some significant issues in Syro-Palestinian archaeology.

I'll only add his post script:

PS One subject that needs to be discussed more than it is, is how archaeological research of all kinds is funded. There are dragons and monsters in these waters.

Been thinking about that myself...

I hope he writes more on the topic.

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Duane said...


Thanks for your supportive words. As to writing about how archaeology is funded, I may take that up at some time but I must admit that I am always a little afraid of sea monsters and dragons. :-) Also, some of my harder data on this subject is dated and I will need to do a good deal of research before I can feel like I really have more than a general impression on this subject.