Sunday, February 18, 2007

Europeans More Advanced Than Americans

No surprises here. Europeans have a significantly better understanding of science and evolution than Americans. Of course the primary reason for this is Americans' uncritical acceptance of Bronze Age texts as absolute fact:

"The lowest-ranking country in terms of discounting evolution is Turkey. The United States is next," said Miller, who has analyzed surveys on belief in evolution from around the world. "The way we characterize religious fundamentalists in Turkey and in the U.S. is that they are both one-book religions".

"Fundamentalists in this country say everything you need to know is in the Bible, period. Islamists say everything you need to know is in the Koran, period," said Miller, a professor in political science.

So tell me again, how is Christianity fundamentally different from Islam?

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jolt said...

Its the turban that sets apart, duh! =p

I usually don't like these studies, since they seem so subjective. Then they are often in a magazine and have spun in some the sky is falling article. Then again, if you bump into the UNICEF Report Card for this year, I would probably agree with the Euros being more advanced.