Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to everyone who left such wonderful comments on the Four Stone Hearth edition! But most importantly, thanks to everyone who contributed such great posts! I had a lot of fun pulling the last one together and look forward to doing it again!

I would also like to point out that Duane at Abnormal Interests mentioned Four Stone Hearth on his blog. Duane has a variety of "abnormal" interests, including ancient languages, and as such he brings a different audience in touch with Four Stone Hearth. And while he doesn't claim to be an archaeologist, his posts on archaeological issues, especially those in the Middle East are informative. And when "bible" archaeology disputes erupt as they often do, Duane is one of the cooler heads, sticking to the issues and not getting off on tangents. I hope we can get Duane to post at upcoming Four Stone Hearth editions.

Remember, the next edition of Four Stone Hearth is coming up at Boas Blog on February 14...don't miss it!


Duane said...


Thanks for the kind words. If you need a host, please let me know. Because I likely don't frequent all the relevant blogs, I will need to depend on nominations from readers who do.

Duane said...

Now that I read your comment more carefully, not only am I willing to host Four Stone Hearth, I am more than willing to post on it also. In fact when afarensis hosted Four Stone Hearth he included one of my things.

afarensis said...

Yes I did! Being the host I used the power vested in me by the anthropology community to draft you.