Friday, April 06, 2007

My Alma Mater Strikes Against Intelligent Design

My Alma mater, UC Davis, seems to be figuring prominently in the blogosphere today with regard to events and discussions relevant to criticisms of intelligent design and creationism. First, Afarensis gives us another follow up on Sal Cordova's ridiculously premature mental spewage regarding the "new" reconstruction of the 1470 skull by citing none other than my undergraduate advisor at Davis, Henry McHenry:

And Henry McHenry, an anthropology professor at University of California, Davis, said Bromage faced some sharp questioning from colleagues when he first presented his findings at a symposium on human evolution in South Africa last year.

"I am a bit skeptical that Tim's version is all that much superior and that the original reconstructions violated principles of craniofacial development," said McHenry.

On another front, Ken Miller gave what was apparently a fantastic talk on the UC Davis campus this week. Miller clearly has a sense of humor too (you have to when dealing with the perpetually angry Dembski and Behe). I missed his appearance on the Colbert Report, but the article has him quoted as saying:

"I have a higher opinion of God than the people who favor intelligent design," he said. "This is a guy who was so clever that he set a process in motion that gave rise to everything on this planet, and you, and me, and maybe even Bill O'Reilly."


Miller's Finding Darwin's God, is on my reading list for my Anthropology 1 class; those students who have chosen to read Miller for their book review project have always had positive responses and a deeper appreciation for what science and evolution are truly about. It usually (and in a positive way) shatters the creationist propaganda they've grown up with.


John Pieret said...

If you want to see Ken Miller take out Bill O'Reilly on Colbert's show go here.

Tim said...

Hi Chris - just wanted to check with you if it's ok to include this post for tomorrow's 4 Stone Hearth, which I'm hosting - thanks, Tim