Sunday, July 30, 2006

Christian Morality at Its Finest (These Days)

I really hate to pick up blogging again being foaming-at-the-mouth angry, but the issue with the Dobrich family in Delaware really pisses me off. It is not the medieval mentality expressed by most of the people in Georgetown, Delaware that gets to me. It's not that Kenneth R. Stevens, businessman in Georgetown, is a waste of genetic material and an excellent reason why fetal tissue shouldn't be granted the celestial status the religious right wants (it might end in something like Stevens). Nor is it the fact the "Reverend" Jerry Fike knows as much about Christ's message as Ann Coulter knows about evolution. No, what really pisses me off is, WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE GODDAM CHRISTIANS WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO STAND UP FOR THE PERSECUTED AND THE DOWNTRODDEN???

I'll pick on my former church, the Catholics, but the same could be said for any other demonination. Where's the local priest standing up to this crucifixion of a family? Are there no Catholics in Georgetown? None in neighboring communities? Where's the outrage from the Bishop? Or is he too busy counting the money from the collection basket? Where's the Cardinal? Afraid to call your fellow "christians" on their despicable behavior? Or are you too busy sucking up to the politics of the religious right to be bothered with day-to-day morality? Or is it that you think a few blastocystes are actually worth more than the suffering of family at the hands of christian thugs? And where's the fucking Pope on all this? Too busy getting his feet washed? This is why I washed my hands of you bastards a long time ago...I know more atheists, gays and Muslims who individually act in more Christ-like morality in a single day than you sons-of-bitches could collectively do in a lifetime.

The people in Georgetown are despicable human beings and ANY Christian who does not publicly express outrage over this incident is complicit in the evil treatment of this family. I'll tell you one thing though: young Alex Dobrich has the right response:

The only thing to flourish, Mrs. Dobrich said, was her faith. Her children, she said, “have so much pride in their religion now.”
“Alex wears his yarmulke all the time. He never takes it off.”

You go, Alex. We all need to extend the middle finger of rebellion to these Georgetown scum and their advocates. And good Christians need to get off the fence, quit worrying about "Christian unity" and stand up for morality for a change.


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Apparently he'd be a real fucking asshole.

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