Saturday, July 01, 2006

Update on My Letter to the Lassen County Times

Ok, they did publish my letter to the editor in this week's version of the Lassen County Times. A couple of things: First, it was printed in total and unedited, but the LCT Editor seemed to take offense that I suggested the paper would probably never allow a rebuttal of the same length. At the end of my letter, she wrote:

Editors Note: Anyone who wants to rebut Mr. Ashmore's Where I Stand will be treated to the same criteria. This paper welcomes a rebuttal of any length

Ok, fair enough. I'll just keep that one handy for future reference. I will point out, however, that A) The Lassen County Times spends a lot of space promoting Christian viewpoints; B) I have NEVER seen a "Where I Stand" editorial of that length at any time in the LCT; and C) my own "Where I Stand" editorial (not on the same subject) some time ago, was definitely edited, presumably for space (in all fairness, the editing did not seriously affect my overall point, but nonetheless it was shortened).

Second, a second letter questioning Pastor Ashmore's "correlation" was also published in the same issue, but the author took a much different tact on the Ashmore piece that was really interesting. Matt Mullin wrote:

Let me see if I understand what the author of this article was saying....His god is manipulating the natural forces of the earth, and creating anomalies with the world's economies, in order to murder millions of innocent humans for the purpose of teaching the surviving humans a lesson about morality.

His god is willing to murder thousands of innocent humans in retaliation for what the author describes as the murder of innocent humans through abortion. Those living an alternative lifestyle choose to publicly celebrate that lifestyle, and BAM, his god murders other innocent humans as punishment...

Yep, you have to wonder what kind of god people like Pastor Ashmore serve. Mullin ends his letter with impeccable logic:

If the author is correct in his rather gnostic description of his god's behavior, perhaps it is better to choose eternal damnation, rather than serve such an evil being.

On the other hand, if the author is wrong (and I suspect he is), his discourse only acts to fan the flames of intolerance, and promote the oppression of those with views, lifestyles and beliefs different from his own.

Amen, brother.

Note: There may yet be an Act III to this saga...the LCT often publishes letters in response to letters from the previous week. I'll let you know if anything further develops.

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Matt Mullin said...

I normally do not write reaction letters to the editor in the LC Times. In this case, however, Ashmore was given the opportunity for a full editorial piece, and permitted to promote what would otherwise be called blatant bigotry. It is interesting to note that either your reaction letter or my reaction letter caused yet another FC (Fundamentalist Christian) to suggest that Susanville was punished with lightening and fire as a result of people reading one or both of our letters. Did you realize that you had that kind of power?