Saturday, July 01, 2006

The "Pharyngula Effect"

Ok, I know some of you bloggers out there have experienced the "Pharyngula Effect", but it just amazes me when it happens. Here are my daily average stats for visits on Northstate Science:
Notice the really big spike today - pretty much all of that is due to PZ linking to my Lassen County Times letter to the editor (I'll update everyone on that in a moment). Hopefully, everyone also saw the longer post I initially wrote on the subject. I have to give credit to Afarensis who also significantly helps my stats when he links to something I've written, but when PZ links to it, get ready for a ride! (This happened once before in April - log on in the morning and I'm at 20 hits...then PZ links and an hour late it's 1200+...).

So, PZ, if I ever get back to the Midwest, I owe you a beer (or two!)....


lloydletta said...

There's nothing like the Pharyngula effect on blogs.

Health News said...

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