Sunday, May 27, 2007

Creation Museum Blog Carnival Now Up At Pharyngula

In honor of tomorrow's grand opening of Ken Ham's Creation Museum, PZ has just posted a lengthy list of responses from around the blogosphere at the Creation Museum Blog Carnival. Check out all the great scientific information you won't be getting from the Answers In Genesis staff....

(I grabbed the "modified" paper from This View Of Life....)


Anonymous said...

I am STUNNED that there people still dumb enough not to understand basic scientific principle. At first, I thought someone was joking when they told me that there are some people in America who believe the world is only 6000 years old. Creationism is a manifestation of fundamentalist christianity and is as dangerous and disruptive to modern life as fundamentalist islam. With all the press on the Creationist museum, America is one step further to being the laughing stock of the planet.

Thomas said...

Memes and Genes are information containers, data if you will, flowing through time. Nature provides a selective process for the genes, if these genes travel with other adaptive "beneficial" genes, then the organism that they construct and guide may survive, thrive and reproduce those genes. If not, the organism becomes extinct and that information, that DNA data line ends. This is the essence of natural selection, the driving force of evolution. All DNA / Gene controlled organisms have changed through time.

The process of science is the “natural selection” of memes, it provides a time filter, a searching, probing, critical peer review which allows those memes which explain with evidence to move forth through time. Memes that do not explain with evidence, that are based on “belief” only... memes like the idea of the flat earth will eventually be thought silly and die out, providing historians with a chuckle or two. Some memes may hang on for generation after generation and provide a nice living for religious fanatics like Ham and the other goof balls who built this "museum". The bodies in which these memes find themselves will not become extinct but will become terminally silly! They will spend their life’s energy, time and money building arks with dinosaurs in them. They will profess that the earth is 6000 years old... they have lost the ability to pass on information to critically thinking brains, their memes are aimed at brains with the shortest dendrites, the least experience, the brains with the least information, the young children and the religious non-thinkers. Noah’s Ark with a smattering of dinosaur species, 6000 year old earth... terminally silly memes... eventually bound for extinction.