Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shasta Bible College Offers Non-Science Course On Life Origins

Northern California blogger Tim Hearden is reporting that Shasta Bible College is holding a class on scientific origins of life taught by creationists Duane Gish and Ken Cummings for the next two weeks. Neither has ever been able to produce an accurate statement about evolutionary biology let alone offer anything but faulty evidence in favor of creationism. Once again, the students at Shasta Bible College will walk away confident of their pre-conceived worldview regarding the origins of life but have absolutely no comprehension of real scientific data on the subject. At Hearden's site, commenter Precopius sums it up most clearly:

How do you hold a two week science class with no science in it?

How indeed....


Procopius said...

Hey thanks!

If you really want to see some science feathers fly, check out the discussion on this Record Searchlight 50-Word Dash:

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