Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Kind of Atheist Am I?

You scored as Spiritual Atheist, Ah! Some of the coolest people in the world are Spiritual Atheists. Most of them weren't brought up in an organized religion and have very little baggage. They concentrate on making the world a better place and know that death is just another part of life. What comes after, comes after.

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What kind of atheist are you?
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So, I scored as a "spiritual atheist" - I can live with this as an fairly adequate assessment of my belief system. I did cheat a bit, however - at the end I was asked to choose the most "true" of two questions: the first choice actually ended up labeling me a "Scientific Atheist", but I went back and made a different choice (both were a wash for me anyway). I suppose both the fact that my first choice labeled me a "scientific" atheist fact that I went back and changed an answer but kept the "spiritual" atheist result also says something about me...

I also disagree with the characterization that most of us "...weren't brought up in an organized religion" - I certainly was, in some sense strictly, but ultimately found the experience too intellectually myopic. I would suggest that a lot of us who have left organized religion probably retain a certain sense of spirituality but just don't see modern religions as a viable mechanism for fulfillment.

Interesting, however: I scored 0% theistic...even PZ scored 17%....hmmmm....

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Mikayla Starstuff said...

Humm, I came up 100% Scientific Atheist and 8% Theistic. Interesting...