Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lassen County Illuminati Responsible For Denying Gonzalez Tenure

I don't know if my fellow LACIS member (Lassen County Illuminati Society) are aware of this, but apparently we, along with Freemasons and Scientific American are part of a global conspiracy to deny tenure and other things to university professors who advocate intelligent design. Wow...only meeting secretly for month and already we've had a major impact....Ok, granted they didn't cite us by name, but how many Illuminati societies can there be?

Of course all of this is about the recent denial of tenure to Iowa State University professor and pro-ID astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez. Ever in a state of perpetual victimhood, the pro-ID websites are crying foul at one of their own being denied tenure and naturally, like euthanasia, eugenics, the European Union and eucher, it's all the Darwinists' fault. As Ed Brayton points out, lots of university professors with stronger track records than Gonzalez have been denied tenure...that's been my experience with friends in academia as well. Most people just pull up their bootstraps and find a different job...usually a better one. ID advocates seem to prefer wallowing in self-pity and conspiracy theories - I guess that's all you have when your ideas lack any evidence and are dependent on maintaining good PR with intellectual midgets.

The whining by Dembski, O'Leary, DaveScot, Casey Luskin and Robert Crowther is having an effect, however: it's getting really annoying. Ed points out the psychological problem IDist's have:

But ID advocates seem to have the same problem with the concept of discrimination that they do with the concept of evidence. Arguments are not evidence (especially old, bad taken directly from long-discredited creationist material) and criticism is not discrimination.

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