Saturday, January 20, 2007

Following The STACLU Link

I see that my favorite local conservative, FlyAtNight is off for a few days and left his readers with some links to keep them occupied. One of those leads you to the Stop The ACLU blog (better known as STACLU). For local readers, Ed Brayton over at Dispatches From The Culture Wars is forced to frequently address STACLU's constant stream of errors, mischaracterizations, and false information concerning the ACLU and the U.S. Constitution. Here are a few teasers from Ed's site:

Testing the Honesty of STACLU
StopTheACLU Daily Crap Report
An Open Letter to STACLU
More STACLUselessness
STACLU and the Christian Nation Nonsense
More STACLU Nonsense
STACLU's Depth of Analysis
STACLU Gets Worse
Glib Fortuna's Latest Absurdity
New STACLU Idiot
FISA Reform and STACLU
Glib Fortuna Distorts Reality Again
And More STACLU Ignorance
More STACLU Hypocrisy
STACLU Repeats Stupid Argument; Film at 11

A lot more there...but you get the picture...


doylechuck said...

Kurt Bonham referred to me as a confused writer, so I had to reply and in the process used your name as an example of him being out of his league as far as staying on topic. Hope I haven't offended you, but as far as I could tell, in your brief battle of wits, he lost. And while I'm not nearly as well educated or logical as you are, I'm sure I can stay on topic.

Christopher O'Brien said...

Yeah, well Chuck, consider the source...Kurt's confusion on issues reigns supreme - logic and clarity are an anathema to the conservative cause...No, you certainly haven't offended me, and yes, you can stay on topic, as is evident by your comments and your LCT letters...keep writing in!