Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lassen County Times in Review: Jan 23 Edition

Interestingly, not much to comment on this week, except for a couple of quick notes in passing:

- There was a an article on the lack of Fish and Game wardens in the state. I agree - my experience with federal and state agencies is that we have plenty of laws, but not the people needed to actually enforce them. We should be beefing up our law enforcement and prosecution abilities at the state and federal levels;

- The County Board of Supervisor's tabled discussion of their salary raise. Hopefully, the "tabling" part doesn't mean they'll try to slip it in sometime down the road when no one is looking, but giving them the benefit of the doubt for the time being I have to give them kudos for this move.

Until next week...

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doylechuck said...

Apparently Kurt Bonham has retired from the field of combat. Again.
I'm pretty sure it had to do with my link to a fellow Republican, Mensa member,w/ multiple credentials AND a computer expert who walks us through the procedure for hacking Diebold election machines. He also has a power point presentation about why voting using anything computerized is a crock. Now I have to figure out a way for this link to get to every voter in the CA 4th CD, so we don't send the Doolittle's back to collect more money. The link is here: