Monday, January 22, 2007

A Stark Contrast In Education

Afarensis posts about three kids expressing their love for science with their blog, I Love Dinosaurs. These kids (and their mom!) really have a sense of wonder, curiosity and love of science and the broader world around them. It is truly refreshing to see young people engaged in an honest search for knowledge. As Afarensis says, "...the world need more of them"!

Contrast the "I Love Dinosaurs" kids with these two, who have a rather depressing view of the world around them. Their curiosity is severely handicapped by a stifling biblical literalism that prevents them from appreciating the awe and wonder of the universe. Instead of seeking knowledge, they are forced to find ways to restrain it within a preconceived worldview. As a result, what knowledge they think they have gained is seriously flawed (as their view of evolution clearly demonstrates).

Too really pains me to see the world censored for young people by adults who are themselves afraid of the world around them.


afarensis said...

Okay, that is scary! I like my three kids better!

Brian said...

I particularly liked their "silly chart" that included "Nebraska Man" and "Piltdown Man". It's a sad statement on home-schooling if they think this chart would be on the wall in a science classroom today. These kids desperately need to take a class on human evolution (or world prehistory - which I love teaching). I'm not suggesting that they need to change their beliefs, but they should at least know how robust is the current hominin fossil record and some of the current theories regarding phylogenic relationships.

I also think its sad that some of the visitors to their site found their "logic" convincing.