Thursday, January 18, 2007

Will The Real Indiana Jones Please Stand Up?

Today's Chattanoogan is reporting that Dr. Scott T. Carroll, Professor of Ancient Studies and Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Antiquity at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Mi., is the "Indiana Jones of Biblical Archaeology"...

Really? I thought Bob Cornuke, the President of B.A.S.E. was...

Or was it Ron Wyatt?

Hell, they all look alike...


doc said...

I've been standing the whole time; but not pretending to be something I'm not.

I have appreciated much of what you have said about fundamentalist yahoos abusing archaeology and hiding behind fake credentials. But your research should be more thorough than theirs'. Surely you don't believe everything you read in a newspaper, do you? As for credentials, if you are going to drag me into this you better do your research before making sloppy associations.

I have a Ph.D. in Ancient Studies. I am a full professor and have taught at a variety of universities for over 25 years. I have received numerous accolades for my teaching and development of pedagogical tools. As an example, I have a permanent standing exhibit at the Smithsonian on archaeology, technology and education. Students from 35 countries were connected live with my archaeological site in Egypt. I created a proprietary, interactive multidisciplinary program that won international praise and awards. I lecture regularly at universities around the country and overseas. Every year I teach archaeology for a month with undergraduate and graduate students under the direct auspices of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

I have organized and directed one of the largest collections (next to the Schøyen Collection in Oslo and London) of biblical antiquities, cuneiform tablets, papyri, scrolls, manuscripts and rare printed materials in the world (the Van Kampen Collection BEFORE the patriarch died and the collection was moved to FL and the mandate was changed). I'm presently involved with a museum project of international scale in Dallas.

PART 1: Scott T. Carroll. Ph.D.

doc said...


I have directed an excavation in Egypt for many years, have served on the Executive Board for the American Research Center in Egypt and have been in many documentaries broadcast by most all of the major channels (CBS, NBC, CNBC, FOX, DISCOVERY, HISTORY, LEARNING, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Channels). I have been an editorial adviser for National Geographic and the BBC and have spoken on NPR's Talk of the Nation on archaeology. I have organized and overseen symposia with the Vatican Library, the British Library and Museum, the Dead Sea Scroll Committee, the Walters Gallery, the Newbury Library to name a few. I had an annual publication of the proceeds published by the British Library.

My publications generally focus on editing ancient manuscripts; primarily in Coptic, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Syriac and a few in Egyptian Hieroglyphs. I am presently publishing a Oxyrhynchus Papyrus from Columbia Un at Oxford, an early Greek liturgical manuscript and a Coptic bifolio containing a montage of fascinating material. I am editing 71 Sahidic Coptic biblical texts which are amongst the earliest texts of scripture known for a manuscript and have another manuscript presently ready to be sent to the publisher.

I worked very closely with Bruce Metzger with my work with manuscripts and my PhD was completed under Ed Yamauchi (student of Cyrus Gordon) because of a great interest that I have had in Gnosticism. My initial field work was done under the direction of Baas Van Elderen, from the Free University in Amsterdam who had directed US archaeological affairs in Jordan, worked in Israel but worked the majority of his career in Egypt.

PART 2: Scott T Carroll, Ph.D.

doc said...


I can't be blamed for what a newspaper says about me, can I? I haven't even seen all of the Indiana Jones movies! Whether I meet your standards or not, is of no matter to me. It is unfair to suggest that I am like the other's you justifiably criticize when you apparently know nothing about me.

I'm presently working with the IAA, INTERPOL, the US State Department, the FBI, UNESCO and groups working to restore antiquities to Iraq. Some of the people you have been lambasting, I have been working with authorities to see prosecuted. I can't say anymore but only encourage you to watch and wait. These things take time. I would encourage you to get beyond the issues you have with these guys who are not scholars, they misrepresent themselves, distort evidence and deceive others. Follow the money. They get 'so-called' access to sites to play in the dirt for a day or two because someone's getting money. This also involves illegal trafficking of antiquities. Do you know the name Moshe Bronstein-- a tour guide who was prosecuted twice by the IAA ('06 and '08) the first found guilty the second he plead guilty? He's the guy they are all working with.

Try not to lose sight of the forest for the trees. There are MUCH bigger issues going on--that I have invested myself in--so I hope you can understand my response to your association of me with the likes of them.

Best to you in your work.
Scott T. Carroll, Ph.D.

doc said...


I would have put these segments together but there were too many characters (the blog program didn't allow for it). So excuse me.

And now that I have taken time to share with you a bit about myself and my work--

you say above:

"hell, they all look alike"

Who is your audience that would so uncritically accept biased, uninformed criticism? And isn't that the very thing your criticizing the others for--not being informed; pretending to know what they don't?

I had forgotten to mention that I presently have over 20 students who have earned Ph.D.s and are currently teaching at universities around the country. I have more coming each year. And many more that have earned advanced degrees only to do other fulfilling work.

I'm used to working with young students. I realize that sometimes they are impulsive and overzealous. I will overlook the offense as that.

Again, the very best to you and to your career. If you'd wish, stay in touch and I will keep you informed regarding the investigations when the time comes.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Isn't Moshe Bronstein connected with Hamas and the PLO?

أيفون said...

very bad to hear this

Anonymous said...

how do I find out more about Moshe Bronstein's credencials, is he a general, does he have a Ph.d and how do I varify any legal issues said...

I totally agree with the article.