Saturday, March 17, 2007

Egnor's Back, But So Is Actual SCIENCE

Just returned from FS meetings and a couple of wonderful get-togethers with colleagues from UC Davis. From Afarensis' note I see that Egnor was at it again and that both he and Orac continues to rise to the challenge. Well, creationists are counting on an audience of people with no ability to seriously question what they already believe in. This morning I ran across a very apt description of those who I and others frequently challenge on these blogs. From Bring It On!:

These are the people who are anti-science, anti-intellectual, anti-environmentalism, anti-gay, anti-women’s-rights, anti-free-speech, and in general anti-everybody-but-them. They’re the ones who burn books, and occasionally burn people. When they do discuss science, they do it backward: they start with a conclusion and look for evidence to support it and ways to discredit any evidence pointing in any other direction. They turn the word “freedom” inside out – they scream that their freedom is being infringed unless they are allowed to stifle the freedom of others to think, speak, or behave differently from them. If anyone dares to express a view different from theirs, they cry that their beliefs are under attack. When science or plain old everyday reality conflict with their dogma, they blithely insist that the science is worthless and the reality is a trick by God to test people’s belief – their God’s first name is Gotcha, apparently.

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Tom Baker said...

Thanks for posting that Chris. We're glad you read it and shared it with your readers. We try to fight the good fight against superstition and myth everyday. It's good to see that we are not alone

Tom Baker
Editor - Bring it On!