Sunday, March 04, 2007

Evolution News and Views Demonstrates Its Intellectual Supremacy Once Again

I recently signed up for "Google Alerts" for key words, such as "evolution", "creationism" and "archaeology". As result, I get a deluge of email daily with notifications of those topics showing up in blog entries, web pages, etc.

My only regret in doing this is that I am forced to wade through a lot of drivel (not dribble, although that word might work here too) like this from the intellectual giants at Evolution News and Views. Whoever Robert Crowther is, he writes poorly, can't get an understandable point across to his audience, completely misses the concept of "law" in science, and clearly has absolutely no fundamental comprehension of evolution whatsoever. Like most of the idiots writing for that website, he depends on stupid people to listen to him.

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