Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Upcoming Alpha/Omega Conference on Creationism in the Northstate

Northern California blogger Tim Hearden has been recently touting the upcoming Alpha/Omega Conference on Creationism and End Time Prophecy sponsored by Shasta Bible College in Redding. The conference is apparently the "Fourth Annual" version, so the college has been doing this for several years now. This year's conference featured speakers will include John Whitcomb, who co-authored The Genesis Flood with well known creationist Henry Morris. Among the presentations to be made by Whitcomb are the following:

7:00 pm: Dr. John Whitcomb: "The Origin of the Solar System"

10:00 am: Dr. John Whitcomb: "The Creation of Mankind and questions about Noah’s Flood"

8:00 pm: Dr. John Whitcomb: "Dinosaurs and Men"

11:00 am: Dr. John Whitcomb: "The Genesis Flood and Modern Geology"

6:30 pm: Dr. John Whitcomb: "The Tower of Babel and the Dispersion of Mankind"

Of the Creationism conference Hearden says:

I've attended the conference for the past several years and the topics are interesting. Whether or not you agree with all the theology that's presented, the presentations make you think -- which is, of course, the mission of a college-sponsored event.

I will be unable to attend, but I certainly hope transcripts of the presentations are made available. I don't know about the theology to be presented, but I'll make some predictions regarding the "science" that will be presented:

- I predict that just about every comment made about evolution, Darwinists, and the evidence for evolution will be absolutely false;

- I predict that all real scientific evidence for evolution will be missing from the presentation;

- You can expect a good amount of positive and self-affirming discussion on the "Darwin = evolution = Hitler" thing;

- I predict some discussion on the "archaeology is proving the Bible" topic; I predict almost no factual evidence presented by qualified archaeologists on this matter;

- You can expect that any positive evidence for creation is either fabricated, or leaves out significant contextual information necessary to interpret the "evidence";

In short, you can expect presentations based on marginal science with limited factual data but nonetheless welcomed by the audience as "truth" because they lack the education (and truth-seeking conviction) necessary to question the tripe they'll be fed.

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