Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More "Christian Conservationists"?

I have been consistent in my view that fundamentalist Christians cannot claim to be "environmentalists" in any sort of legitimate sense of the word. While Christians can change light bulbs and recycle with the best of us, these activities, although helpful, are not the root of environmental issues that face us. I come to this conclusion largely because our most critical environmental issues require science literacy in general, and specifically fluent knowledge of the evolutionary underpinnings of ecology; both of which are largely rejected by fundamentalist Christians claiming to have discovered the need to "protect" God's creation.

Two recent news stories, one noting that Jerry Falwell rejects global warming as a "tool of Satan", and the other a Catholic cardinal claiming the Antichrist will actually be an ecologist simply lends credence to my contention that we cannot trust the earth's (and humanity's) future to the adherents of the Christian religion. But it is more than just their blatant disregard for science; they don't buy into the concept of publicly managed space - it's useless unless it's owned by someone. Their political puppets in the conservative movement have unfunded land management and environmental protection agencies that are the last bastion between humanity and environmental Armageddon. They have attempted to outsource jobs from public workers, who largely maintain a measure of moral responsibility to the environment and people of the earth, to private corporations and companies who have no ethical regard for the long term survival of the human race, only their short term collection of profits. And because their profits are so high and they attend church on a regular basis to assuage their guilt, and in doing so, provide their "cut" to religious organizations, the churches themselves would not dare question the motivations of those with wealth. Economics will always trump morality.

Rightly or wrongly, Christian leaders such as these are the vocal mouthpieces for the Christian religion (or at least their version of it) and therefore "speak" for Christians on these matters. If you don't like being linked to these people then don't bitch to me...get off your ass and start to tell these jokers, loudly and in their face, that they are wrong. Not just that they don't speak for you...but that they are wrong. They are wrong about the conclusions they are drawing from a Bronze Age book; they are wrong about their beliefs; their religion is not "sacred" and in any free society should be challenged openly, even disrespectfully, if they dare bring it into the public sphere; they possess no factual knowledge about modern science; they are largely wastes of genetic material.

These religious figures are a threat to the existence of every man, woman and child on this planet.

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Josh said...

I agree Fanudamentalist Christians (as well as Fundamentalism in other faiths) creates certain hypocritcal controdictory theology. However, the presence and loudness of Fundy's (As me and my fellow Christians put it) doesn't negate Christian responsibility to the environment. The existence of hypocrits and corrupt churches does not disprove God. People who believe in God sometimes get bogged down in trying to use rational and human methods of proving God to the unbeliever, and that it a mistake. People who believe take a "leap of Faith." Those people can be highly educated science accepting college professors, as well and barefoot and backwoods Bible thumpers.
It's that simple.